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wedding catering insertParty Burrito
Served To Go only - $23.00 Per Foot
2 Ft.
Serves 10-15
3 Ft.
Serves 15-20
4 Ft.
Serves 20-30
6 Ft.
Serves 25-40
Add $2.00 extra for all substitutions. 
All burritos are covered in Main Street Sauce unless other wise specified
Ala Mexican
Filled with pork, beef, chicken, rice, beans and cheese.
Super Breakfast
Filled with eggs, potatoes, ortega chili, rice, bacon, ham, sausage and cheese.
Vegetable Lite
Filled with fresh vegetables of the season, rice and beans upon request, cheese and potatoes.
Italian Paisano
Filled with Italian sausage, meatballs, onions, bell peppers, eggplant, and ricotta cheese. Covered with a zesty Italian marinara sauce.
The Perfect Party Idea
3-Ft. Burrito (Serves 15-20)
Served Monday-Friday & Sunday Morning
Includes: Garden Salad, Salsa Fresca, Fresh Guacamole, Chips
Will feed 15 - 20
Choose from any of the above burritos
$200 (No Substitutions)
Ala Carte International Best of Both Worlds Served To Go 
Half Pan Chicken Or Beef Enchiladas (10) $25
Chili Rellenos (10) $30
Chunky Chicken & Tortillas For Tacos $30
Tamales, Chicken, Pork, Or Beef (12) $24
Chicken Or Beef Taquitos (24) Guacamole $26
Carnitas & Tortillas Serves (10) $30
Carne Asada & Tortillas Serves (10) $50
Jumbo Shrimp Fajitas Serves (10) Tortillas $55
ll Peppers, Onions, Tomatoes & Tortillas $55
Mexican Beans $20
Spanish Rice $20
Main Street Salsa Fresca - 32 Oz. $12
Yorba Guacamole - 32 Oz. $20
Chips By The Bag Med: $5 Lg: $10 
Half Pan Meat Lasagna W/ Meatball & Sausage In Marinara $35
Veggie Lasagna & Cheese In Creamy White Sauce $35
Mostacciolo W/ Sausage $22
Spaghetti & Meatballs $22
Lemon Chicken $35
Baked Eggplant $30
Italian Sausage W/ Roasted Bell Peppers & Onions $25
Fettuccine & Chicken In Alfredo Sauce $30
BBQ Or Spicy Hot Wings (30) $18
Our Famous Outdoor B.B.Q
Authentic Mexican Cuisine
All our buffers include:
Spanish rice, beans, tortillas, lettuce, pico de gio, cheese & guacamole, festive chips and salsa
Mexican Fiesta Buffet
Tacos made to order:
Shredded Beef & Chicken Tacos
Our Trade Mark
Sonora Chicken Enchilladas
$15.95 per person
Taste Of Mexico Echilladas
Shredded beef, cheese and chicken
$13.95 per person
International Buffet
Penne Pasta with Fresh Tomato Basil Sauce
Tacos Made to order:
Shredded Beef & Chicken Tacos
Our Trade Mark
Sonora Chicken Enchilladas
$16.95 per person
All of the above include:
coffee & soft drinks
Tax & Tip not included
Set up fee for 50 or more guest
Minimum 25 persons
Deposit required
Unless otherwise specified
the entire patio is not reserved
Seasoned Fries
$5.00 Spicy Or BBQ Wings $5.50 Stuffed Jalapenos Filled With Cream Cheese $5.25 Taquitos ) beef on corn tortillas with guacamole or
(3) chicken on flour tortillas with guacamole
$4.75 Giant Taco On Flour Tortilla ef or chicken or pork with cheese guacamole and sour cream
$3.95 Sampler Platter (Serves Two) beef taquitos, 3 mini burritos, 3 stuffed jalapenos
5 hot wings, guacamole and sour cream
$9.95 Grande Quesadilla oice of beef, chicken or pork tomatoes, onions, peppers, cheese, guacamole and sour cream
$8.95 Quesadilla Ortega eese, grilled onions, and fresh ortega chillies
$5.25 Cheese Quesadilla ck and cheddar cheese
$5.50 Vegetable Quesadilla esh garden vegetable and cheese
$5.25 Nachos ips melted cheeses
$4.50 Nachos (Especial) ips, with melted cheese, chicken or
shredded beef, beans, sour cream and guacamole
$6.95 Mini Tostada ans, rice, lettuce, tomato and cheese
add beef, pork or chicken
$2.00 Giant Tostada ep fried flour tortilla with shredded beef, pork
or chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, beans, sour cream and guacamole
$7.95 Indian Taco y-bread filled with shredded beef,
pork or chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, and beans
sour cream and guacamole
$9.95 10% Discount onall to go orders only es not apply to catering menu
Grand Burro
beef, chicken, pork or ground beef with beans
$6.95 All Meat Burrito redded beef, chicken, pork
$6.95 Carne Asada Burrito p sirloin
$6.95 Beef And Potato $5.95 Veggie Burrito $5.50 Chorizo (Eggs) Burrito $5.95 Chicken Burrito $6.50 Trims Burrito $5.95 
hilli Relleno Burrito
shredded beef, chicken, pork
$5.95 Bean And Cheese $4.95 Bean, Cheese & Rice $5.50 Potato And Cheese $4.95  Wet Burritos
All Wet Burritos
$6.95 Burrito Verde Pork reen sauce)
Burrito Colorado Beef
(red sauce)
Burrito Carnitas
pulled pork
Burrito De Pollo
Eggplant Burrito
Burrito Machaca
shredded beef and Oeggs
Fajitas Burrito
shredded beef, chicken, pork
Steak Or Chicken Picado Burrito
steak or chicken
Stuffed Burrito (Ole)
beef, pork, chicken
Our All Famous Little Italy Burrito
Combination Dinners
 Served with rice, beans, guacamole and sour cream
add Soup or salad
$1.95 One Item $8.95 Two Items $9.95 Three Items $1.95 
chicken, ground beef, pork
cheese, or shredded beef
chicken, ground beef, pork or shredded beef
beef, chicken or pork
shredded beef or chicken
beef, chicken
Chili Rellano
Mexican Dinners 10.95
Steak or Chicken Picado
Carne Asada - steak grilled
Carnitas - pork with tomatoes, onions and chili
Chili Verde - pork in a spicy green, tomatillo sauce
Chili Colorado (a Chefs Choice)
tender chunks of beef simmered in a red chili sauce
Fajitas - choice of steak, chicken grilled, with
fresh bell pepper, onions, tomatoes and spices
Chimichanga, or Flautas, deep fried beef, chicken
or pork in a flour tortilla
Mexican Lasagna (a Chef's Choice)
corn tortillas layered with beef, chicken, ricotta
& cheese, covered with enchilada sauce
Our Signature Sonora Chicken Enchilladas
shredded chicken creamy white sauce
Classic Italian Dinners
All dinners are served with
fresh baked bread, soup, or salad.
Your choice of light tomato basil, alfredo,
marinara, aglio (garlic & oil) or meat sauce.
linguini, penne, angel hair or fettucini
$9.95 Spaghetti with atballs or Italian sausage
Fettuccine Primavera
vegetables in a light creamy sauce
$9.95 Chicken Marsala gel hair pasta, mushrooms,
red onions in a marsala sauce
$13.95 Homemade Manicotti uffed with ricotta cheese
$9.95 Baked Meat Lasagna alian sausage, meatballs and three cheeses
$11.95 Cheese Ravioli $9.95 Half Cheese Ravioli & Half Spaghetti $9.95 God Father Pasta nne pasta, Italian sausage, olives
peppers, onions mushrooms and garlic
Italian Specialties
Served with vegetables or pasta and baked bread
Lemon Checken ( a Chef's Choice )
fresh breast of lightly breaded chicken,
sautted with lemon slices and herbs
$13.95 Chicken Parmigiana esh breast of chicken pan fried covered with
mozzarella, baked in marinara sauce
$13.95 Eggplant Parmigiana ghtly breaded, layered with ricotta and
mozzarella cheeses, baked in marinara sauce
$12.95 Penne Pasta Chicken east of chicken, mushrooms, black olives,
artichokes in fresh tomato cream sauce
umbo Shrimp or fresh
Sea food Fajitas
Peppers, onions, tomatoes, garlic
Served with Rice and Beans Sour Cream and Guacamole
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